Narcissistic personality disorder and co-parenting

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How To Keep Your Sanity When Co-parenting With Someone suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder is a frustrating disorder when there is a child involved... Are you Co-Parenting with someone who is mentally ill or someone who is a substance abuser? Is their anti-social behavior driving YOU insane?

Well believe it or not you have the power within yourself to keep a level head and help your child deal with the fact their parent is mentally ill. You can still help your child to thrive despite the fact the other parent may be causing some problems. Maybe the other parent is hell bent on making as much trouble for you as possible. You may feel that you can't handle much more and maybe your wondering how you will handle it until your child reaches where they can make their own choices.

Heres where i come in! There is a brilliant e-book that will teach you strategies on how to co-parent with a crazy unstable person suffering from this narcissistic disorder and most of all it will give you hope as you learn ways to minimize the damage that may be caused to your child. It will also help you get your life back.

When Dealing With Someone Who Has A Borderline Personality Disorder you need to know how to:

1- Look after yourself

2- Help your child to deal with any stress about the situation they may have

3- Legally and physically protect yourself and your children

4- Choose the right kind of lawyer and a therapist

5- Deal with common insane unresonable co-parent behaviour

6- Communicate with an insane co-parent

7- And Much More

This E-book mentioned above will help you do it all.

With This E-book 'Co-Paranting Borderline Personality Disorder' (or narcissistic personality disorder( You'll Get Answers To Questions Like These:

  • What happens if I find a new partner?
  • In the parenting agreement what should be included?
  • What records are important and need to be kept if there is going to be a child custody dispute?
  • How do handle the situation so the courts are more likely to give me custody of my kids. What behaviours to display and what behaviour not to display.
  • What to do to keep myself and the kids safe when its the other parents turn to take the kids?
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If you feel you need help to deal the situation of an ex partner causing havoc in you and your childs life you sholud visit: Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

It will provide you with all the help you could ever need when faced with a situation such as this!

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Narcissistic personality disorder and co-parenting

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This article was published on 2011/06/01